Monday, April 9, 2012

girls in graphite on 5 x 7 paper

the start of a series of girls in graphite on 5 x 7 paper. not sure where this will go. i have no plans. i just want to see how many i can do. i'll start with 50 as a goal for now. 


Jo said...

love these girls! hope you had a very happy easter! and i love the bunnies in the post below! your niece is very talented, just like her aunt. :)

Sarah Ryan said...

ohh. They are so soft and quiet. I think I like the 2nd one the best, but it's hard to choose. I agree with the other commenter.. the bunnies are awesome too!

Kim Baise said...

these girls are beautiful. i like the last girl w/ bangs. she's so cool!

Perrine Renoir said...

thumbs up on the last because of the blush and the feather :)


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