Wednesday, November 14, 2012

bring thanksgiving to far rockaway Operation SurfinBird

Some amazing friends in NY are spearheading a fundraiser to raise money to be able to serve Thanksgiving dinner to 500 plus victims of the Rockaway neighborhood.  Please take a minute to read about Operation SurfinBird and help them reach their goal.  Every little bit helps.  Spread the word.

Operation SurfinBird Thanks You for your Consideration. Find out more about them below:

The Rockaways have been devastated by hurricane Sandy. Many are without homes, those that have homes still have no power, and many have lost everything. As we now approach winter the damage to the Rockaways is still tremendous, the efforts to rebuild are becoming more challenging, and it will be a long slow process of recovery for this community. 
Operation SurfinBird is made up of New Yorkers, surfers, people that visit Rockaway, joined with people from all over the world that still care. We want to bring a nice community Thanksgiving meal to the Rockaways to show our support, show that we have not forgotten them, raise awareness that their needs are long-­‐lasting, and that the support of the world community will be there for them until the end. We hope to provide a Thanksgiving feast for at least 500 people living in the Rockaways whilst generating support and awareness for the long recovery road ahead. Any proceeds raised beyond what we need for Operation SurfinBird will go directly into rebuilding the community through free volunteer based construction, and home rehabilitation.
  • Help spread the word. We have started a Facebook site for people to connect with us, communicate how they would like to help, and share our mission with viral media throughout the internet.‐Surfinbird/338418792923837 
  • Help Raise Funds. We have started a WePay account for people to easily make donations to Operation SurfinBird Directly. We need donations large and small and need the word spread of where to donate.­‐surfin‐bird 
  • Volunteer and help in any way. We need help. From everything like organizing an event to execu>ng the actual event. Fund raising and spreading the word. We need all the help we can get. You can contact the chief organizers Eli or Tamara by email at our Operation SurfinBird address.
Today through Saturday, TenOverSix will donate 10% of all Online Sales to Operation SurfinBird, an awesome new home-spun grassroots effort from our NY friends to bring a real, hot Thanksgiving Dinner to the Far Rockaways, Queens, NY.

Your online purchases for the next five days are twice as great! You still get to shop their amazing fall pieces and TenOverSix will donate for you.

I'll be donating a portion of my sales from my etsy shop. please spread the word. thank you!

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